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Non-League Football Supporter is the most advanced mobile football supporter simulator ever created for English non-league football. Follow your team through thick and thin as they battle their way through the lower levels of the football pyramid.

Show your support for the team by carefully choosing pre-match rituals, in the hope of bringing your team some luck. Will you wear your lucky pants? drink a fizzy lager? You decide!

Available Now on Google Play and direct download.


  • Advanced match engine simulates the thrills and spills of non-league football
  • Classic commentary-based match interface inspired by Champ-Man
  • Seven kinds of rain simulated for the ultimate in terrace realism
  • Pies
  • Detailed modelling of all one football tactic (4-4-2)
  • Over 200k procedurally generated players, teams and competitions


Non-League Football Supporter is part of an ongoing research project into how players develop strategies during games. It has been created by games researchers Ben Kirman (University of York), Conor Linehan (University College Cork) and Tom Feltwell (Northumbria University). We are interested in using design to explore the relationship between game mechanics and play experience. We also love non-league football, as the honest and underappreciated heart and soul of the sport. Although NLFS makes gentle fun of non-league, it comes from a place of love!

By playing NLFS you can help us better understand how theories and experimentation are related to game design elements. Participation in the research is optional.

More information about the study


Taking inspiration from the classic football management games of our youth, NLFS has a distinct and fast-playing style, ideal for supporters on the move.

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"Non-League" is used to describe English football teams that are not among the 92 teams in the English Football League. These tend to be local teams with strong links to their communities, often staffed by volunteers. There are hundreds of local non-league clubs in England, and they need your support. We love the atmosphere and spirit of non-league football and think you will love it too. Why not check out a match near you this weekend, and support local, grassroots football.

Search by postcode to find local clubs or browse the leagues at step 5 and below to find something interesting. This directory includes clubs and grounds around the world, and we encourage the support of grassroots sports wherever you are.

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